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EEP Portfolio & Previous Investments: CMC Biologics Sarl



CMC Biologics Sarl ("CMC"), now rebranded as AGC Biologics, is a Contract Manufacturing Organization ("CMO") with operations in Denmark and the US, which is committed to delivering world class, fully integrated, biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing services to the world's pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

These services include process development, scale-up, and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient ("API") protein material for pre-clinical, phase I, II, III and in-market commercial quantities.

CMC was founded in March 2001 and employs 380 staff lead by an international highly experienced strong management team. Since EEP invested in 2002, the company has realised an average annual revenue growth rate in excess of 50%.

The Company which initially started its operations in Denmark acquired its facility in Seattle, USA in 2008 and the Danish and US operations now work seamlessly in support of the Company’s international customer base.



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